Olympic Gymnasts Coming to Los Angeles

Train like an Olympic Gymnast! Children’s gymnastic classes to be taught by Olympic Silver Medalist at the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics.


Serving the Community Since 1975.
We are a Non-Profit Organization focused in fortifying the concept and practice of Gymnastics being a great fundamental sport for any age. LA School of Gymnastics draws on a distinguished and diverse group of nationally and internationally trained coaches from over 14 countries. All coaches are required to complete the USA Gymnastics (national governing body of gymnastics in the United States ) and OSHA Infant & CPR certification courses. Ten LASG coaches have Master’s Degree in Physical Education, Anatomy and Physiology, or are former professional athletes. Together, its 27 coaches which have over 120 years of combined coaching experience.

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@lagymnastics Apr 27, 22:33

#throwbackthursday to the 90s when Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith brought their daughter to LASG for gymnast… https://t.co/ok4wJVOKqC

@lagymnastics Apr 27, 01:51

If your legs can go beyond 180 degrees raise your hand 🤚#amazingkids #stretching #gymnastics #lasg https://t.co/AbrNPb1yLT

@lagymnastics Apr 26, 03:23

LA School of Gymnastics' annual open house event is on May 7th! Free and always fun for the whole family! We can't… https://t.co/gvWYQoh89o

@lagymnastics Apr 25, 03:55

Stretch your goals and your goals will stretch you... because everything you've ever wanted is one step outside of… https://t.co/NLiw6Uq37O

@lagymnastics Apr 25, 03:54

Our rhythmic gymnastics girls making rock at regionals! #amazingkids #makingitrock #regionalshttps://t.co/1dGL10t5wJ

@lagymnastics Apr 24, 23:52

Don't take it as a loss... take it as a time to learn https://t.co/Gu5vMtktzN

@lagymnastics Apr 21, 01:40

Another #rhythmicbeauty showing her amazing prowess. #representinglasg @izzy.connor #rhythmicgymnastics #powerfulhttps://t.co/Qyc8A1bBGW

@lagymnastics Apr 21, 01:12

Check out this article about the benefits of boys doing gymnastics! #boysgymnastics #mensgymnastics #kidsactivities https://t.co/ln5JCY05gu

@lagymnastics Apr 21, 01:02

Follow us on Pinterest https://t.co/ySp6g1cxJo https://t.co/h3TLCL2CLQ

@lagymnastics Apr 21, 00:44

This.Is.Perfection https://t.co/8XuMz5C7xy

@lagymnastics Apr 20, 23:05

Another #throwbackthursday from a long time ago. Lionel Ritchie with some of Alla's gymnastics team.… https://t.co/Muo3CFY822

@lagymnastics Apr 20, 19:59

#throwbackthursday to our Easter Egg Hunt! We love these lil' chipmunks #throwbackhttps://t.co/HlFqMQtzfJ

@lagymnastics Apr 20, 02:36

I am: Gymnastics :: Spongebob: The Krusty Krab #gymnasticshumor #yeahthatsme #settingallkindsofexampleshttps://t.co/3CWDWzdSIr

@lagymnastics Apr 20, 02:30

"If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but… https://t.co/lKQdBHSBDW

@lagymnastics Apr 19, 02:46

Patiently waiting for class to begin! After school activities #welovegymnastics #lasg #healthykids #happykidshttps://t.co/C7sPI77UyP

@lagymnastics Apr 19, 01:18

Fruit is already so delicious. Check out these added benefits #healthyliving #healthykids #gymnastics #exercisehttps://t.co/m2fXKhn7gA

@lagymnastics Apr 18, 03:27

Los Angeles School of Gymnastics Boys Competitive Team Program https://t.co/ooJHvyh6lc

@lagymnastics Apr 18, 03:27

Los Angeles School of Gymnastics Boys Competitive Team Program https://t.co/Wqvbg3fq62 via @YouTube

@lagymnastics Apr 18, 02:29

Because Cheerleading and Gymnastics go hand in hand... check out our Cheerleading board on pinterest. https://t.co/EAHkC2XOPA

@lagymnastics Apr 17, 22:27

Happy Monday to all of you!!! Hope today is a great start to an awesome week https://t.co/IhVckyD8xr

@lagymnastics Apr 15, 11:26

Parent& Me Program at Los Angeles School of Gymnastics: https://t.co/9nw16TW2ym via @YouTube

@lagymnastics Apr 15, 11:11

LASG Classes for Pre-School Mini-Tots gymnastics program: https://t.co/marOKVJBpu via @YouTube

@lagymnastics Apr 15, 10:05

Girls Intermediate Recreational Classes at LASG: https://t.co/Srhb0hCLeZ via @YouTube

@lagymnastics Apr 15, 10:04

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/Srhb0hCLeZ Girls Intermediate Recreational Classes at LASG

@lagymnastics Apr 15, 09:44

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/w3jn2NcQ1I Girls Team at LA School of Gymnastics Classes

@lagymnastics Apr 15, 09:43

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/PD3mRz3z3s Los Angeles School of Gymnastics Boys Competitive Team Program

@lagymnastics Apr 15, 09:37

Los Angeles School of Gymnastics Boys Competitive Team Program: https://t.co/PD3mRz3z3s via @YouTube

@lagymnastics Apr 13, 04:54

Girls Team at LA School of Gymnastics Classes: https://t.co/w3jn2NcQ1I via @YouTube

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