Olympic Gymnasts Coming to Los Angeles

Train like an Olympic Gymnast! Children’s gymnastic classes to be taught by Olympic Silver Medalist at the Los Angeles School of Gymnastics.


Serving the Community Since 1975.
We are a Non-Profit Organization focused in fortifying the concept and practice of Gymnastics being a great fundamental sport for any age. LA School of Gymnastics draws on a distinguished and diverse group of nationally and internationally trained coaches from over 14 countries. All coaches are required to complete the USA Gymnastics (national governing body of gymnastics in the United States ) and OSHA Infant & CPR certification courses. Ten LASG coaches have Master’s Degree in Physical Education, Anatomy and Physiology, or are former professional athletes. Together, its 27 coaches which have over 120 years of combined coaching experience.

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@lagymnastics Jun 27, 01:36

Parkour classes at LASG! Thursdays 7:45-9:30! Join us! #parkour #lasg #balance #climb #underbar #precisionshttps://t.co/VrMbmm9R6N

@lagymnastics Jun 27, 01:36

@MrsSales_GCV @MrsSales_GCV We LOVE that your boys love their gymnastics classes! Keep up the GREAT work boys!!!

@MrsSales_GCV Jun 27, 01:34

@lagymnastics I absolutely love how much my boys LOVE their gymnastics classes and my little one… https://t.co/G5Nu1NQT6x

@lagymnastics Jun 23, 01:37

Coach Stepan and his #boysteam! #gymnastics https://t.co/r9eybaSDXN

@lagymnastics Jun 22, 23:11

#lasgsummercamp Talent Show!! Check out all of these talented campers!! #summerhttps://t.co/PsqZCOVp61

@lagymnastics Jun 22, 01:22

#lasgsummercamp Campers had a blast at the pool! Can't wait to go back next week #lasg https://t.co/MEfsvlL3Ml

@lagymnastics Jun 21, 21:57

#lasgsummercamp Family Photo!!! Such a beautiful summer day to get in the water! Campers are… https://t.co/3XsMI1m5Bq

@lagymnastics Jun 21, 01:46

Thank you Buzzfeed for featuring LA School of Gymnastics! Coach Stacy, our Adult Gymnastics… https://t.co/LHf0UHxsW8

@jumbofuns Jun 20, 02:55

Summer is just right around the corner. Make summer more fun by trying out games, crafts, and activities.… https://t.co/d7SK7Rt375

@lagymnastics Jun 20, 02:54

Join us for a Ballet Master Class with Moscow City Prima Ballerina Natalia Yevgenyevna. #balletdancer #lasg https://t.co/17K5PtaRaX

@MrsSales_GCV Jun 20, 02:53

@lagymnastics great classes with my boys today 🤸🏽‍♂️🤸🏽‍♂️🤗🤗👣👣 https://t.co/5LEQ9WFC5N

@lagymnastics Jun 15, 22:40

#tbt to when these Rock Star Dads rocked it out in support of their gymnasts! Happy Early… https://t.co/f5orL5YUFt

@lagymnastics Jun 14, 22:19

School's out for the summer and we love Summer Camp Games! So much more fun to be had!… https://t.co/ubf6l6Uzx5

@lagymnastics Jun 14, 03:30

Rules of Falling Down... Step 1: Look around to see if anyone noticed... Step 2: Get back up and… https://t.co/4gdUV3UCZ4

@lagymnastics Jun 14, 01:19

We love our gymnasts and we love seeing them grow and excel in gymnastics! #lasg #academymeet https://t.co/fVu3ABxj7r

@lagymnastics Jun 13, 03:55

Men and Women... no more excuses, Summer Body Starts TODAY!! Don't let anything or anybody stop… https://t.co/Lw1ENqgdtQ

@lagymnastics Jun 13, 02:26

Father's Day is this Sunday. Shop at Amazon Smile and they will donate to Los Angeles School Of Gymnastic Inc. more… https://t.co/vOiJ3wE5pb

@lagymnastics Jun 09, 00:22

In celebration of the #nbafinals, here's a throwback former LA Laker Shaq at LASG back in the day. @SHAQ @NBAonTNT https://t.co/vbxGD5kWyY

@lagymnastics Jun 08, 01:31

Just like you strengthen your muscles... Strengthen your courage!! #becourageous #wednesdaywisdom #gymnastics https://t.co/lb79ygfToi

@lagymnastics Jun 07, 03:39

Getting your kids here can be hard. You deserve some help. Check out our safe, dependable partner @HopSkipDrive -… https://t.co/3NLDkBeSsg

@lagymnastics Jun 07, 00:59

HopSkipDrive https://t.co/cEJ6JhaP7h

@lagymnastics Jun 07, 00:47

Showing off some skills... teaching some skills! #olympiccoaches #gymnastics 🇦🇲 🇺🇸 #lasg https://t.co/55iUuDnYO8

@lagymnastics Jun 07, 00:34

Some early morning fun with Coach Robert and the girls #impromtuphotoshoot #gymnastics https://t.co/0L93e7n422

@lagymnastics Jun 02, 00:41

Los Angeles School of Gymnastics: https://t.co/Z5BvwYYGOE via @YouTube

@lagymnastics Jun 01, 00:48

A great coach is someone who makes you do what you don't want to do, so that you can be who you've always wanted to… https://t.co/lKDy0mCrKc

@lagymnastics May 31, 03:53

#getready Summer Camp is coming https://t.co/wMlUKJ1eht

@lagymnastics May 31, 03:50

Don't be afraid to be a beginner... be afraid of never Beginning! #everychampionwasonceabeginnerhttps://t.co/GhwduIK6ie

@lagymnastics May 26, 02:38

#throwbackthursday to Alla and world renowned choreographer, dancer, and actress Ms. Debbie Allen #excellence #tbthttps://t.co/3wsDgZgORa

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